Wait.What. 2017

In this highly intriguing interactive piece about the human body and the way it is influenced by modern ways of communication, I lend dramaturgical assistance to the virtuosic Theresa Hupp.

Working from physical response to pre-recorded text messages, over including the audience’s mobile communications to live interaction with a musician, Wait.What. offers space for reflection our our ways of talking to each other.

The lighting was designed by Jan Wiesbrock and supported by the nightly changing musicians ENS, Simon Rummel, Lars Becker, Eva Pöpplein/ Merzouga, William David Saunders and Marvin Blamberg.

Wait. What. has been funded by the Kulturamt der Stadt Köln and developed with the support of ZAIK and Quartier am HafenFreihandelszone, Goethe- Institut, Rheinenergiestiftung Kultur and Teatermaskinen in Sweden.