sound. moves. you. 2017

Walk with us.

You can take part in what happens,

along the way.

Keep moving.

Please do.

Keep moving.

In Spring 2017 Tanzfaktur Cologne has chosen Malin to be part of their residency program INKUBATOR.


Very happily, she began researching on the elements in collective movement and sound traditions that invite participation and will continue to work in the lovely halls of this fast growing and productive dance institution throughout the year.

The resulting piece sound. moves. you. premiered on 8th of October 2017 at 18h in (Rh)einfach Festival and has received further support by ON Neue Musik Köln.

Concept and Choreography: Malin Gebken
Performance: Audience, Theresa Hupp, Malin Gebken
Sound Composition: Sergio Gonzalez Cuervo
Dramaturgical Advice: Christian Grammel



Come by and take part!