The bird feels
the waters gushing
in waves and whirls
around the melancholic human.

The bird sees
a curious body moving
on the ground
connected to itself
but somewhat more

The bird hears
the wind rustling the leaves
touching the body
inspiring motivation.

Fire starts burning
whithin the person
that connects all leads
from where the birds do watch.

Image: Sergio Gonzalez Cuervo, Dance: Malin Gebken

From where the bird watches is a solo dance film by Malin Gebken; to be projected onto floor, ceiling or other architectural structure by special installation through the artist. Please get in contact via this website to book the film for your festival or theatre.


Artistic Direction and Dance: Malin Gebken

Choreographic Assistance: Karoline Strys

Film and Editing: Sergio Gonzalez Cuervo

Recherche gefördert durch / funded by

Film gefördert durch / funded by