Copyright: Steve Tanner
Copyright: Samantha James

A duet of song and dance,

Stillness and light,

Space revering form;

Another day’s night.

7°EAST GIVE AND/OR TAKE investigates synergies of movement, song and space in choreography of two performers and one sculpture. Seeing and blind.

It is knowing vulnerability and disowning beauty of human soul on a strive towards equilibrium.

There is submittal, inspiration and traces of rivalry on the way to experiencing unity of two poles by first appreciating one. Once I will be seeing the day by now embracing the night. Fully.

The sound of breath, movement of the diaphragm, is the beginning; an opening of the space for physical enquiry into new ways of healing, for song to evolve and to inspire dance, sound and presence shaping a sacred space, an interchanging play of sound and dance slowly allowing humour and strength to thrive, again.

The  sculpture ‘4D Sphere’ transports the inter-dependence of form and (empty) space to encompass the performance and conclude it.


Choreography: Malin Gebken

Performance: Malin Gebken and Sabrina Sauer

Sound Material: Sabrina Sauer, Malin Gebken and Ina Müller

Sculpture: Samvado

Lights and Doors: Alisa Wybrow

Still Images and Film: Samantha James

Supervision: Dr. Richard Allsopp