In the first half of 2016, I had the pleasure of choreographing and performing SPUREN as part of the performance night DIESE LIEBE with the mixed-abled ensemble ‚projek zukumpf‘ in Cologne.

SPUREN is a piece created and performed by four artists from three different genres.

Setting out, Marvin Blamberg and Michael Müller control the pathways and movement qualities of movers Buket Isgören and Malin Gebken by percussion. Bit by bit overloaded with this acoustic roadmap one mover decides to take control by shedding a different light on the routes taken. The roles change, the movement changes. A new medium is needed to trace actually who is moving. Visual artist Michael Müller draws live testimony and Marvin Blamberg adds his interpreting sound as if filling the yet traceless gaps on the wall of the catacomb in Kunsthaus Kat18. More and more, the performers connect as the different layers of artistic expression interweave.

We premiered and played 4 sold-out shows for our producer Sommerblut- Festival of Multi-Polar Culture 2016.

Please also visit the website of our artistic director Gwendolin Lamping www.projekzukumpf.com for more pictures and information on the production.

To view a clip of our performance, please contact me through this website.





Marvin Blamberg / Drums and Performance

Malin Gebken / Choreography and Performance

Buket Isgören/ Performance

Michael Müller / Drums, Drawing and Performance